UCLA Financial Policy

UCLA Financial Policy

February 24, 2014

Summary: All units are accountable to these policies. As a reminder the campus should also adhere to policy guidelines issued by the Office of the President in the form of Business and Finance Bulletins (BFB), the Accounting Manual (AM), the Contract and Grant Manual, Personnel Manuals and other such guidance. 

Principles of Financial Accountability

  • Section 1: Maintaining and Securing an Effective Accountability Structure
  • Section 2: Preparing and Reviewing Budgetary and Financial Transactions

Principles of Financial Management

  • Section 1: Planning and Budgeting
  • Section 2: Monitoring and Evaluating Financial Data
  • Section 3: Analyzing Costs, Benefits and Risks
  • Section 4: Safeguarding University Assets

Principles of Data Integrity

  • Section 1: Establishing and Monitoring Data Integrity Controls
  • Section 2: Establishing and Maintaining a Financial Computing Environment

Principles of Regulatory Compliance

  • Section 1: Financial Reporting
  • Section 2: Record Retention
  • Section 3: Cash Management
  • Section 4: Expenditures
  • Section 5: Tax Laws and Regulations
  • Section 6: Reporting Fraudulent or Illegal Acts
  • Section 7: Response and Resolution of Audit Findings