Administrative Cashiering System (ACS)

This course is designed for those who must handle cash, check or credit card deposits for their department and deposit with the Administrative Main Cashier Office located in Murphy Hall (or the Remittance Center in the Wilshire Center). An overview of the department deposit and Administrative Cashiering System (ACS) will be covered along with instructions on how to post required financial data on-line, using the Department Deposit Form (DDF). Participants in this course will be instructed in the following areas:

  • The on-line department deposit form (DDF)
  • Creating new department deposits
  • Real time edit of FAUs
  • General on-line inquiry capability
  • Modifying existing department deposits
  • Out of balance situations 
  • The batch header
  • ASAP notification
  • Overview of UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-49, UCLA Policy for Cash Handling and other Legal Tender