New Hire Application

The web-based New Hire Application (NHA) is an enhancement to the Personnel/Payroll System’s (PPS) Employee Database (EDB) entry process. With the release of the NHA, preparers will have two options to enter a new hire action into PPS. Data can be entered via the new hire bundles or can be entered using the New Hire Application. Data entered using the NHA will appear in all OASIS inquiry screens, in the Web EDB Inquiry and in EDB update screens as soon as the process is updated.

Benefits of the New Hire Application 

The features that make the NHA a major innovation in EDB processing are:

  • Labels and help are in "English" not in code.
  • Smart Processing guides the processor.
  • The application allows the preparer to create templates for data that are frequently used.
  • Onboard help features lead the user to additional information, including policies which affect the selection of the proper entry.

The NHA is the first in a series of EDB enhancements designed to assist EDB preparers to process actions more efficiently. The Smart Processing feature interprets the answer to specific questions to determine if additional information is required for the processing of the action for a specific individual. Based on the answer, if additional information is required, the needed fields appear for entry. 

The NHA takes advantage of web-based technology to allow for search features which help the preparer complete entries, provides drop-down boxes or calendars to assist the preparer with other entries. In other cases, the answer to one question provides the program with information needed to fill in other fields.

Advantages of the NHA over the PPS New Hire Bundle 

The application provides several features not available in OASIS:

  • A summary of the action is provided before the update. This feature allows the user to edit data before updating the action.
  • The Review Messages and Update screen allows the processor to fix the issue from that screen or return to the entry screen to make the adjustment.
  • While the process requires the completion of each screen before proceeding to the next, the navigation feature allows the user easy mobility between completed screens either by the use of directional icons or by clicking on the page needed on the application outline, which always appears on the left side of the screen.
  • After the update of the transaction, an IDOC version of the action appears and it is printable from the user's locally selected printer.

Access Requirements 

In order to use the NHA, the user must have the following:

  • EDB update access in OASIS.
  • A University logon and password. Since the NHA is a web-based application, the user's OASIS logon and password cannot be used.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher, or Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.