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Short Form Services Agreement

The Short Form Services Agreement (SFSA) template is UCLA’s external contract template which documents the sale of services or products to our external customers. Specifically, the SFSA is for UCLA Service Centers (Sales & Service activities) to document the sale of standardized products or services to outside organizations at uniform, per-unit, and pre-established rates. 

An External Customer refers to a user (an entity or individual) whose transactions are not processed through the University’s accounting system. This includes non-profit organizations, for-profit entities, faculty, staff, students, and patients paying with personal funds.

Refer to the SFSA template. Please see general instructions below on when to complete the SFSA and the External Customer Pre-Screening form to satisfy Export Control restricted party screening due diligence and conflict of interests screening requirements.

If a new external customer is identified, please follow the steps below:

The department is required to complete the form to provide the required external customer information.

1. BFS will perform visual compliance as required by the Export Control office and COI screening.

2. If the external customer is identified as a restricted party and/or has potential conflict of interest risk, BFS will notify the department’s Dean/Vice Chancellor/Vice Provost/University Librarian/Their Respective Designee.

It is recommended that departments check if potential customers are active businesses and are financially stable. One way is to screen commercial customers on Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number Lookup. Download instruction on how to screen customers on D-U-N-S Number Lookup.

Department to complete UCLA Short Form Services Agreement.

The department is responsible to obtain all signatures required for agreement execution.

Final Signatures are required by 1) Dean/Vice Chancellor/Vice Provost/University Librarian/Their Respective Designee, and 2) External Customer.

The Costing Policy & Management Analysis office with Sales & Service responsibility does not have the authority to sign on behalf of UCLA.

After the necessary signatures are obtained, it is the department's responsibility to provide a copy of the fully executed agreement to the external customer and retain the original agreement within the department.