How to Request Public Records

Anyone may submit a request for public records under the California Public Records Act, the Information Practices Act or the Freedom of Information Act, whichever applies. Public records may be as simple as an employee's job title and date of hire. They can be as complex as academic evaluations, a bid selection process and even email correspondence.

Information Needed for a Request

A request should include the following:

  • Description of the records requested.
  • Time frame (if applicable).
  • Format of the record, if known. If you want records transferred to you in electronic format, indicate this in your correspondence.
  • Relevant identifying information must be provided if the records are to be picked up or mailed to a requester. Otherwise, requesters are not required to provide identification or reasons for their requests.

Records must exist at the time of the request. Information Practices will only produce records available as of the date of the request.

The California Public Records Act details the types of records that will not be disclosed. Thes include any records whose disclosure will violate an individual's privacy, criminal records and police incident reports, records created during the course of attorney/client discussions.

Submitting Your Request

Requests for information under the California Public Records Act, Information Practices Act or Freedom of Information Act should be submitted to the Information Practices Office (OIP) at the address listed below. The request may be mailed, faxed, emailed, or delivered in person.

Contact the OIP for general information regarding your request. Staff can provide guidance on structuring your request to obtain the information that you need as quickly as possible.

Requests will be acknowledged within 10 days of the receipt of your request. Production of records may take additional time if the records are not on site, if there is high volume requested, and if the records require review and/or programming to produce. In such situations, Records Management will give you an estimate of when the records will be produced.

Potential Costs

If programming is required or a large quantity of documents is involved, the OIP will need the requester to approve a quote to cover costs before proceeding. You will be required to submit your payment, payable to the UC Regents, prior to release of the records.