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How to Respond to a Subpoena

What if You're Served?

If a process server approaches you with a subpoena:

Please contact Records Management since only the coordinating offices that are authorized to process subpoenas may accept them even if they specify records in your possession.


  • If the UC Regents are named contact Campus Counsel.
  • If it is a Summons or Subpoena to Appear then it must be hand delivered to the named party directly or to that person's supervisor.

Legal Coordinators

UCLA departments have designated individuals, called legal coordinators, to assist in responding to subpoenas in accordance with state and federal laws. A list may be found in UCLA Administrative Policy 120, Appendix A.

Additional Help

UCLA Policy 120 provides detailed explanations of the subpoena process and a list of relevant definitions. UCLA Procedure 120.1 offers instructions on how to respond to such requests.