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Information Practices Overview & Mission


  • Information Practices is an administrative unit in Corporate Financial Services, which reports primarily to the Administrative Vice Chancellor. [1]
  • Information Practices administers the campus response to requests for public and subpoenaed University records, and maintains UCLA’s legal compliance with regards to such. We assist members of the public seeking access to records, work with departments to respond to records requests, and offer ongoing guidance and support to the campus in this area.
  • State and Federal laws govern the public right to information access, as well as the individual’s right to privacy. [2]
  • The California Public Records Act declares that access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business is a fundamental and necessary right of every person in the state, and that public records are subject to inspection and copying by every person, except as noted in the Act. Certain confidentiality requirements governed by policy must be followed in order to avoid putting the University at risk. [3]


  • The department supports UCLA’s core mission by coordinating the campus’ responses to requests for records, and protecting the University from risk.
  • Information Practices takes pride in always providing all publically disclosable records in as timely a manner as possibly, in adherence to the timelines outlined in state and federal laws.


  • Our general responsibilities are to:
  • Receive, log, and acknowledge requests for records.
  • Notify the office(s) of record that the request was received.
  • Collect responsive documents from campus departments and offices.
  • Evaluate and review documents for responsiveness and exempt information.
  • Respond to requests for records and information.


[1] UCLA Administrative Vice Chancellor

[2] UCOP Standards of Ethical Conduct

[3] Records Mgmt