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Records Management Responsibilities

All members of the University community including faculty, staff, students, volunteers and others who create, maintain or handle records in any official capacity must follow all applicable laws and University policies.

Departmental Responsibilities

Each University office’s manager is the Proprietor of Records for that operational unit and is responsible for the handling and dispensation of its records consistent with sound business practices and applicable laws.

The person assigned to monitor the review, retention and disposition of records by the Proprietor in accordance with University policy is the Custodian of Records for that unit.

Campuswide Responsibilities

The Records Management Coordinator is designated by the chancellor of each campus, including the Office of the President, or by the laboratory director at each of the University-administered federal laboratories.

Each Coordinator is responsible for the development, implementation and management of the program at that location including providing advice, information and training to campus users.

The University Archivist at each campus is responsible for the preservation of that location's administrative records that deal with the history of the University.

Systemwide Responsibilities

UC's Associate Vice President of Information Resources and Communication presides over a systemwide Records Management Committee comprised of Coordinators from each campus.