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Form W-8BEN: Certificate of Foreign Status for U.S. Tax


Form W-8BEN should be completed by:

  • Nonresident individuals to claim a tax treaty exemption from federal tax withholding (or a reduced tax rate), on a non-service payment issued by UCLA or UCOP. Such payments include:
  • Fellowships and scholarships
  • Copyright royalties
  • Industrial royalties
  • Foreign entities to document their tax status as a foreign entity, or claim a tax treaty exemption on a payment of U.S. source income from UCLA or UCOP.

How to Get Form W-8BEN

  • Nonresident individuals who receive tax reportable non-service payments are set up with records on GLACIER. Form W-8BEN will be generated automatically by GLACIER if the individual is eligible for a tax treaty exemption. The W-8BEN should be submitted to Payroll Services along with the individual’s other GLACIER records.
  • Foreign entities who receive payments from UCLA, UCOP, or UC Merced, can go to the IRS website for Form W-8BEN and instructions. The completed form should be submitted to Payroll Services for review.


Please open a case to contact the Nonresident Team.