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Property Tax Exemptions

The University of California is exempt from property tax. Types of property exempted include:

  • Personal property — Movable property (any property that can be transported).
  • Real property — Land or buildings (any permanent fixture or structure above or below the surface).
  • Leased property (personal or real) — In accordance with section 202.2 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code, leased property used exclusively for educational purposes by a nonprofit institution like the University. Personal property includes any tangible property, such as copiers, computers, equipment or furniture.

In general:

  • Any property owned or leased by the University and used exclusively for educational purposes is exempt from property taxation, according to the California Revenue Taxation Code, sections 202(a)(3) and 202.2 (leased property).
  • If your department receives a property tax assessment notice or filing notice from the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor's Office, please forward the notice to Tax Services. Types of notices include:
    • Business property statement
    • Joint consolidated tax bill
    • Notice of tax lien
    • Personal property tax notice

For information on the leased property exemption, see Business and Finance Bulletin G-38, Tax Exemption and Refund Claims for Property Leased by the University in Related Information.