UCLA implemented one consistent, robust web-based payment and deposit processing system, CASHNet, for the campus. This system allows departments to use the same system for processing credit card payments in addition to checks and cash received by department cashiers. Select departments will be empowered to send deposits directly to the bank without first delivering them to a Main Cashier’s Office, saving time, duplicate processing and maximizing STIP income. CASHNet also enable department a paperless reconciliation process and a streamlined cash handling processes. In addition to streamlining and adding new functionality, CASHNet will deliver PCI-compliant payment processing that will meet the ever increasing demands for information security.

CASHNet includes the following permission based, internet tools available for departmental use:

  • real time or batch processed department deposit
  • cashiering
  • conference registration
  • online shopping cart functionality
  • e-store setup
  • e-commerce payment gateway processing modules
  • full address validation and card verification code security functionality

CASHNet also provides students with new online financial tools:

  • the BruinBill will consolidate all student charges including Transportation and Housing
  • sign up and modification of direct deposit information
  • a deferred payment plan (BruinPay Plan)
  • automated payment options
  • third party access and payment
  • numerous other functions

In addition, CASHNet has a comprehensive reporting tool with useful canned reports and the functionality to create and save ad hoc reports. At UCLA, CASHNet also offers daily Post Authorization Notification (PAN), real time Full Accounting Unit (FAU) validation, and daily upload of information processed to the UCLA Financial System and Campus Data Warehouse (CDW) for ad hoc and canned reporting. We believe this enhanced financial processing and reporting functionality will greatly benefit the campus.

In order to enhance the cash handling functionality, maintain greater campuswide Payment Card Information (PCI) compliance and consolidate business services offered, departments are encouraged to utilize for their payment solutions. 

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Requirements to begin processing using CASHNet Cashiering

  • Departments must be BUS 49 compliant for acceptance and processing of cash and cash equivalents. Payment Solutions & Compliance Office can work with your department to assist with this process.
  • All employees conducting cash handling activities must receive training prior to being given access to CASHNet.
  • Departments not yet depositing directly to the bank will need a Bank of America endorsement stamp, deposit tickets and tamper-proof deposit bags.

All departments not yet depositing to the bank will need a Dunbar account set-up.

For departments processing with credit cards:

  1. A dedicated computer running Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher, and Internet Explorer v. 6.0 with service pack 2 or higher. The IT Security Office will install additional security software on the machine and run quarterly security tests. Approved peripherals as needed. A special printer is required for in-person credit card processing environments; however, a printer is optional for mail-order/telephone-order (MOTO) environments.
  2. Departments processing credit cards must be PCI compliant with all required staff completing Security Awareness Education (SAE) training annually.

For departments processing without credit cards - Computer running Internet Explorer running on Microsoft Windows, or Apple Safari on Mac OS or Windows is required.

Requirements to begin processing using CASHNet eMarket

  • Department IT personnel readily available to connect with CASHNet based on required coding parameters.
  • Departments processing credit cards must be PCI compliant with all required staff completing annual Security Awareness Training.

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