Dunbar Armored Courier Service

All University departments receiving payments must use the UCLA-approved armored courier to transmit receipts to the bank or a main cashier's office. Payment Solutions & Compliance is the point of contact for scheduling transportation of receipts.

Departments using CASHNet system must follow these guidelines:

StepsAdditional Information
1. Complete a Bank of America deposit ticket and bag after closing the batch.Bag each CASHNet batch separately.
2. Log the bag number, description and amount in the Dunbar red book.Keep the deposit bag in a safe while waiting for Dunbar to pickup.
3. Schedule a Dunbar pickup by emailing [email protected].This step is required only for special pickup. Otherwise, be ready during your regular pick up schedule. Changes for next day pickup must be submitted by 4:00 PM.
4. Identify the Dunbar personnel by the address verification system (AVS) card.If in doubt, please contact Payment Solutions & Compliance immediately to confirm. Never release the bag if in doubt.
5. Make sure the Dunbar employee signs the red book before leaving the office.The signature provides proof of pickup and protects against potential loss.
6. Confirm deposits by next business day.