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Physical Security of Cash & Requirements

The start of a new fiscal year is the perfect time to do those annual tasks which can often be overlooked. One of these tasks is the BUS-49 requirement to change the combination to all safes with the type access mechanism. 

BUS-49 reads:

Policy IX.8 :: The combination of a safe must be given only to supervisory and authorized personnel who must then commit the combination to memory. A record of the combination, sealed and opened only under double-custody to prevent undetected access, must be maintained away from the safe area.

Policy IX.11 :: A safe's combination must be changed whenever a person who knows the combination leaves the employ of a cash handling unit. In addition, the combination must be changed at least once a year. Documentation must be maintained showing the date and the reason for the combination changes.

We would like to encourage each campus area to review their safe's access log and ensure that it is updated when the combination is changed. Learn more about UCLA's guidelines for physical security of cash and requirements for cash handling and storage by clicking the link under Related Information. If you need assistance in requesting a combination change, the vendor information used by Payment Solutions & Compliance Office is noted below. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact a team member for assistance on the Message Center.

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