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Separation of Duties for Cash Handling: Table Guide

The table below is a recommended guideline for cash handling duties; both for a minimum three person setting and an ideal four person setting. Each person (indicated by Coworker 1,2,3, or 4 title) is assigned different responsibilities to create an ideal environment for cash handling.

3 Person Setting (Good)

4 Person Setting (Ideal)


Duty Category         

Coworker 1

Coworker 1

  • Manually handling cash
  • Balancing cash drawer

Asset Handling

Coworker 2
  • Preparing deposit
  • Making cash deposit
Coworker 2Coworker 3
  • Reconciling receipt (out of cashiering system) to deposit


  • Confirming deposit to main cashier station or bank
Coworker 3Coworker 4
  • Journal voucher review, approval, and posting
  • Comparing deposits to general ledger entries (bank reconciliation)
  • Ledger transaction review and certification