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Authorizing Access to Data

According to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students in higher education institutions are considered to be adults with exclusive rights over their student records. Students are the only ones who can authorize the release of information from their student records, including their financial records.     

Third Party View

Granted by the student, to enable a third party access to the student's financial records, academic records and billing reminders.

  • Third parties are often family members of the students. Please note that without third party access to a student's account, no information can be disclosed to anyone but the student. This includes parents calling regarding the student's billing account.
  • The student at any time can modify access privileges.

Enrolling a Third Party

The third party (i.e. parent) must:

  1. Visit the following site and click on the link to create a UCLA Logon ID
  2. Accept the terms of creating a UCLA Logon ID
  3. Create a username and password
  4. Provide the student with their new UCLA username and password so the student can assign access to their third party
  5. Have the UCLA Logon ID available when contacting Student Accounts to discuss the student’s account

The student will then need to:

  1. Login to MyUCLA 
  2. Build a profile for their third party by entering in the third party's username, first and last name and relationship to the student
  3. Assign access for the third party, selecting the level of access the student wishes to grant the third party
  4. Inform the third party that they will now be able to sign into MyUCLA to view the functions assigned to them