Employment of Services

The purchase of services for the University carries special requirements. Those who purchase services that affect a person's compensation must adhere to the following additional guidelines:

 Guideline 1

Use the online system to provide Payroll with all data needed to process the person's paycheck including:

  • Name
  • Social Security number
  • Tax withholding
  • Forms
  • Pay rate
  • Terms of appointment
  • Appointment end date
  • Title code
  • Hiring department code and name
  • Full Accounting Unit (FAU) to be charged

 Guideline 2

Update the above information as necessary so that checks may be issued in a timely manner.

 Guideline 3

Ensure that other payroll information, which affects the items listed below, is promptly updated. 
  • Medicare
  • OASDI Retirement plans
  • Voluntary withholdings such as insurance, various employee benefit programs and credit union payments.

 Guideline 4

Adhere to all timekeeping requirements, whether for compensation or allocation of charges to federal awards. 

 Guideline 5

Ensure compliance when payments are made for unusual circumstances, such as housing allowances, car allowances, foreign subsistence when assigned to work in a foreign country and other special circumstances.