Financial Computing System Reports

The following reports are used for reviews by Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and Departmental Security Administrators (DSAs) to ensure compliance with departmental procedures that have been established for accessing campus financial computing systems.  See "Access to Financial Computing Systems" for more information on establishing these procedures for your department.   

They are generated by the Distributed Administrative Computing Security System (DACSS), which is the application that provides access to OASIS, the main campus financial computing system.



#1  Users by Appointment Unit(s)

A listing of all employees with a logon ID, including those who do not have any associated DACSS functions.

#3  Users by Appointment Unit(s), Their Functions and ValuesA listing of all employees in a chosen appointment area who have a logon ID and have been given access to DACSS functions.  This list includes information regarding assigned values associated with each value and non-value based function for each logon ID.
#7  Separated ReviewersA listing of all reviewers for selected units who have an employment status = S (separated).
 #8  Separated Employees for a Specific System Access Request (SAR) Unit(s)A listing of all users with employment status = S for a selected SAR department code, identifying whether the logon has been suspended or is still active.  The report does not indicate whether the logon has any functions associated with it.
#10  Separated Employees with Their Function Codes for Specific SAR units(s)

A listing of all users with employment status = S for a selected SAR department code.  For each user, it lists the function codes associated with the user logon ID, including values associated with each value and non-value-based function.

#11  Separated Employees Who Have Access to Specific UnitsA listing of all users with employment status = S who have value-based functions for a specific unit.