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Control Self Assessment (CSA)

CSA is a management tool designed to help work teams be more effective in achieving their objectives and managing their related risks. Work teams, with the assistance of a facilitation team, identify obstacles to be overcome or strengths to be leveraged, and agree upon appropriate steps to improve the group’s effectiveness. It is a highly interactive and collaborative process. Through the use of OptionFinder, a computer-based, anonymous voting tool, the workshop is designed to focus on those areas and issues that are of greatest importance to the group. 

Financial Management Programs facilitates CSA. These valuable sessions focus on:

  • Management Risk Assessment (MRA), which helps your group manage total business risk. It goes several steps beyond conventional, controls-only methods by addressing risks, controls and processes. MRA can help you better understand business risks so you can take steps to minimize their impact, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your controls to find cost-effective ways to improve them, and empower process owners to share information and brainstorm solutions, so they will work together and take steps to achieve positive change.
  • Process Risk Assessment (PRA), which is similar to MRA but focuses more on a particular business process that may only entail one activity of a business unit or may cut across multiple business units. Its emphasis is less on the risks and controls related to the working environment, and more on the risks and controls related to the process itself.