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Each Service Center and Other Sales Activity is expected to calculate a Breakeven Rate for Internal Customers. A surplus from one service cannot cover the deficit from another service (i.e. cross subsidized rate).

Departments are responsible for maintaining a billing process that records and bills its Internal Customers, at a minimum, on a monthly basis for the appropriate rates for services rendered and goods delivered. The billing process must be approved by Business & Finance Solutions (BFS) on a recurring basis.

Recharging Federal Customers

A Sales and Service Fund must be approved by BFS to be able to charge to federal fund sources. Federal funding sources are not allowed to be billed in advance of the work performed.

Pass-through entities (UCLA is the subrecipient of a federal funds source from another entity) are considered federal fund sources and should be charged approved internal rates.

An entity or individual whose transactions are not processed through the University’s internal billing recharge system is considered an External Customer. External Customers should be charged external rates even if the external customer is using federal fund source.

Recharging Other UC Campus Customers

Other University of California campuses are considered internal customers and should be charged internal rates.

Recharge Billing System

It is expected that the department use UCLA Recharge System to process all internal recharge billing. Please submit a General Inquiry for training related to the Recharge System. 

Recharge System User Access & Recharge system service unit setup/modification

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