Sales & Service

Sales & Service

June 2, 2016
Sales & Service activities and Service Enterprises are governed by Policy 340, available on the APPM website
News & Events
Sales & Service joins UCLA Corporate Financial Services.
List of Approved Rates
A list of approved rates for Campus Support Services.
Fund Application or Revision

Please be advised that newly-proposed rates are not to be announced or implemented prior to approval and approvals are not retroactive. The activity's last-approved rates must continue to be used until new rates have been approved.

Depreciation Schedules
Downloadable Depreciation Schedules to be used for applications/revisions with equipment cost in the rate structure.
Short Form Services Agreement (Download)
Downloadable Short Form Service Agreements available to document the sale of standardized products or services to outside organizations at uniform, per-unit, pre-established rates that have been pre-approved by the Chair of the Policy Committee on Sales and Service Activities and Service Enterprises (POSSSE) for new applications or the Director-Sales & Service with POSSSE responsibility for revised applications.
Transfer or Close a Sales and Service Fund
Procedures for transferring or closing a Sales & Service fund.
Fund Reviews
Responsibility Matrix
The Sales & Service Activities decision-making process is complex, involving numerous campus officials, entities and units.
Training & Support
Sales & Service training is held upon sufficient demand from the campus. If you have any questions regarding Sales & Service activities or service enterprises, or if you are interested in attending a training session, please contact the Sales & Service Director.

Sales & Service

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