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Revision of Current Sales and Service Fund Application

Department should submit a revised Sales and Service Fund Application when there is a change in the following categories:

  • Periodic Rate Revisions required by BFS
    • Business & Finance Solutions (BFS) requires Sales and Service units to submit the corresponding Sales and Service Rate Calculation Form for review based upon the frequency established in the Fund Review Matrix
  • Change in Service / Product
    • New service / product identified
    • Change in current service / product breakeven cost that result in a surplus/deficit over 60 days working capital
  • Change in Customer Rate Structure
    • New customer category identified that requires a new rate structure
    • The department would like to start charging federal users where rates were previously not approved to charge federal users
  • Change in Equipment Inventory
    • New equipment purchase (Add depreciation to current rate or establish new rate)
    • Equipment fully depreciated (Remove depreciation from current rate)
    • Equipment disposal / resale (Remove depreciation from current rate)
  • Change in Department information (Application may not be required but department should notify BFS via email)
    • Change in Director/Faculty Member
    • Change in Financial Contact
    • Change in Department CFO/CAO
    • Change in Fund Title
    • Change in Department Code (less common)
    • Change in Subsidy Funding Source

If a Change to Current SSA Meets the Above Criteria, Please Follow the Below Steps:

Department to complete the form found on theSales & Service Landing Page, under Forms & Links.

Submit completed Revised Sales and Service Fund Application to with Subject Title: Revised Sales and Service Fund# 6XXXX

Once received, the Sales and Service office will send a confirmation email to department

Your fund application status will be available on Fund Application Status page

The Sales and Service office will work with the department to revise rates as necessary.

After the application review is completed, the Sales and Service office will send out a PDF document of Tab #5 of the application, which will include 1) Profit and Loss Statement/Budget and 2) Statement of Responsibility

Final Signatures on the PDF are required from the Faculty/Operation Director (Dean’s signatures are not required on current fund revisions)

After signatures are obtained, the department should send the signed PDF of Tab #5 to the Sales and Service office for final approval

After the Sales and Service office approves the revision, they will forward the final documents to BFS for budget updates

Department is responsible to publish updated approved rates on their website.