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Departments are responsible for maintaining a billing process that records and bills its external customers, at a minimum, on a monthly basis with the appropriate rates for services rendered and goods delivered.

Each Invoice should include the following information and departments should keep records of all external billing information:

  • Unique Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Customer information (Name, Address, Email, Contact Number)
  • Name and Description of Services / Goods
  • Quantity
  • Rate (Approved External Rate)
  • Total Amount
  • Payment Term

All checks are payable to "UC Regents" 

Please work with your departmental Billing/Payment Receiving Unit for a mailing address or submit an inquiry to Payment Solutions and Compliance via the Message Center using the topic ‘Check inquiry’.

For other payment methods acceptable by UCLA, please visit UCLA Payment Solutions & Compliance

For an example of external billing invoice, please see the Sample Template Invoice and Usage tracking.