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New Sales and Service Fund Application

There are two types of Sales and Service Activities (SSA) that are subject to review, approval, and rate setting by Business & Finance Solutions.

  1. Service Center refers to a SSA established by a UCLA department, whose primary purpose is to provide a SSA to multiple Internal and/or External Customers, on a reoccurring basis, and charges customers a preestablished rate for services rendered and goods delivered. Service Centers typically charge federal fund sources. Examples include, but are not limited to, laboratory services, data processing, animal care facilities, and computer services.
  2. Other Sales Activity refers to a SSA established by a UCLA department that charges Internal and/or External Customers that does not fit the definition of a Service Center, Business Contract, or Central Administrative Unit. Examples include, but are not limited to, facility rentals, student services, community service programs, publications, conferences, and seminars for the public.

To establish a new SSA, the department will consider the following criteria

  • A minimum of $25,000 projected expenditures for fund establishment
  • The goods and/or services are not available on campus
  • The goods and/or services do not constitute research activities
  • There is a demand for goods and/or services by multiple customers
  • The goods and/or services will be provided on a regular basis (for a Service Center)
  • The cost of goods and/or services can be clearly identified
  • Usage by customers can be reasonably measured
  • Billing rates can be established that measure the cost of the goods and services provided
  • Any potential or actual financial conflicts of interest and/or other conflicts of interest with External Customers have been reviewed and managed in compliance with applicable regulations and UC/UCLA policies

If the New SSA Meets the Above Criteria, Please Follow the Below Steps:

Department to complete theNew Sales and Service Fund Application

For new SSA that exceeds a projected expenditure of $50,000, a pre-approval acknowledgement letter from the Dean’s acknowledgement is required. Approval via email is acceptable. Please see Sample Acknowledgement Letter.

Submit completed New Sales and Service Fund Application and Dean’s acknowledgement letter (if applicable) to with Subject Title: New Sales and Service Fund Request

Once received, the Sales and Service office will send a confirmation email to department

Fund Application Status will be available on website

The Sales and Service office will work with department to revise rates as necessary.

After the application review is completed, the Sales and Service office will send out a PDF document of Tab #5 of the application, which will include 1) Profit and Loss Statement/Budget and 2) Statement of Responsibility

Final Signatures on the PDF are required by the following: 1) Faculty/Director, 2) Dean/Vice Chancellor/Vice Chancellor Designee, and 3) the Sales & Service Office

After signatures are obtained, final documents will be forwarded to Financial Management & Reporting to create a Fund Number.

Please see Internal Recharge  page for more information.

Department is responsible for publishing approved rates on their website.