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Updated Concur User Interface Launching March 26

Looking up at UCLA Campbell Hall stairway with white, yellow, and blue molecule overlay.

Since its implementation in 2021, UCLA's Concur system (formerly Express) has undergone several updates to expand its functionality and improve the overall user experience. 

The latest Concur expansion pack will introduce an improved user interface (UI) with more personalized settings. While you'll notice some changes in layout, all functionalities will remain the same.

Launching Next Week

Starting Tuesday, March 26, Concur’s visual theme will have a refreshed look and feel, including light mode, dark mode, and high contrast options.

To learn more about the upcoming changes, review Concur’s SAP Fiori with Horizon UI demo video

Watch Demo 

NOTE: UCLA customizations are not shown in the demo.

Next Steps

We’re actively working to update all existing training materials and will provide additional information in our launch announcement.