Bi-weekly Conversion Calculator (BWCC)

The Bi-weekly Conversion Calculator (BWCC) is designed to assist employees transitioning from a monthly pay cycle to a bi-weekly pay cycle to determine their new net pay. Employees should use the BWCC as a tool to determine if the transition will affect their finances in a manner which will require them to take advantage of one or both of the Transition Assistance Programs (TAP).  

Frequently asked questions regarding the monthly to bi-weekly transition are in Related Information.  

Users should review the complete instructions prior to using the BWCC.

About the BWCC

  • The calculator will determine the anticipated net of a check as accurately as possible.  However, due to the complexity in the calculation of some deductions, the net computed by the calculator is only an estimate.  There may be a small difference (+- 5%) between the estimate from the calculator and an actual bi-weekly paycheck. 
  • The calculator will convert regular earnings only. Supplemental pay such as overtime, shift differential, stipends, etc. should not be included in the calculator.
  • Amounts entered in the calculator should be positive (no negatives) and monthly values unless stated otherwise.  The calculator will convert the monthly amounts into bi-weekly amounts.
  • The BWCC computes Employment tax (OASDI and Medicare) as well as Federal and California State income tax rate.  For employees working out of state, please contact Jeremy Henmi at [email protected].
  • Data for input to the calculator should come from the employee’s Earning Statement - Payment Summary view.  Steps to obtain the employees Payment Summary are included in the instructions.  
  • Employees seeking information on how bi-weekly pay deductions are calculated and taken from a paycheck can refer to the Bi-Weekly Pay Conversion Workshop document found in Related Information.