BAR & Cashiering CDW Canned Reports

Campus Data Warehouse (CDW) is the reporting system that stores UCLA financial data for report generation and retrieval. Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAR) and Cashiering CDW is a subset of this database that provides users the ability to analyze student billing and cashiering data using reports from CDW. There are additional access rights needed to use the BAR and Cashiering data. For more information on obtaining access to BAR CDW refer to the BAR CDW Access and Training article in Related Information.

  • Cashiering Reports
    • Payment Activity
      • Daily Payment Activity by Item Code
      • Daily Payment Activity by Pay Code
      • Merchant Refunds
      • Monthly Payment Activity 
      • Payment Summary Activity
    • Deposit Activity
      • Completed Batch
      • Completed Deposits
  • BAR Reports
    • Utility Reports
      • Departmental Aging
      • Subcode Information
      • Account History
      • Refund Information
    • Monthly Reports
      • Summary of Unpaid Charges
      • Charge Detail – This Month’s WO
      • Charge Detail – Next Month’s WO
      • Outstanding Charges
      • Unpaid Charges by Student Category
    • Student Account Activity
      • Zero Balance
      • Fee Deferral
      • NRT Assessed
      • GSHIP Waivers
      • Fee Balance Due Only

Student Accounts
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