BAR Collection Actions

Collection actions and their timing vary by account type (student vs. non-student) and the amount owed. See Related Information for details, including a collection flow diagram (PDF).

Collection actions used for unpaid charges $25 or more:

  • Bill presentment:
    • Monthly paper invoice for non-students (“N” or “C” external indicator)
    • Bi-monthly email reminder to students (blank, I, M and S external indicators) alerting them to payable BruinBill balances
  • Holds placed on student services and academic records
  • Monthly delinquent fee assessed
  • A series of three monthly collection letters are sent
  • Unpaid charges are referred to collection agency

The telephone numbers of departments who post charges to BAR are prominently displayed as part of the billed service description. This allows campus departments to become part of the collection process by answering questions regarding the details of the billed charge.

Departments are responsible for providing an administrative review if a student files a grievance contesting the posted charge. For more information visit the link in Related Information to for UCLA Procedure 210.1 – Student Debt Grievances.

Student Accounts
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