How to Find a Customer Account Number in BAR

This is a prerequisite for posting charges in BAR, and is a combination of the University ID (UID) and the BAR external indicator.

  • UID is a unique nine-digit number established by the admission offices for graduate and undergraduate students, by the Payroll Office for employees, and by the Student Accounts Office if your customer is neither a student nor an employee.
  • The external indicator is a one character letter that identifies the type of account(s) the customer may have. Commonly used external indicators are: N for non-students, S for summer session students, M for FEMBA/EMBA students and Blank for all other students. It is critical to use the correct external indicator when posting a charge.

How to Find a UID Number

BAR system users can look up an existing UID number using either of the following two methods.

  • Using the UID System
  • Access the UID system from any BAR screen by pressing F2.
  • Select the search panel, and enter the last and first name of your customer separated by a comma and a space.
  • When you find the UID matching your customer, place your cursor in the ACT column adjacent to your customer's name and press F2. (Pressing F2 will allow you to toggle back to BAR with a copy of the UID.)
  • Using the BAR Search Screen
  • Access the BAR Name Search screen by entering 402 at the screen prompt from any BAR screen, and press enter.
  • Enter the last and first name of your customer separated by a comma and space at the name prompt, and press enter. All matches will be displayed with a portion of their address. When you find your customer, place the cursor on the line number to the left of the name and press enter; you will be returned from the previous BAR screen with the UID selected.

If you are unable to locate the UID on your own, please request assistance from Student Accounts by asking a question.