COVID-19 Cost Recovery

Resources for tracking COVID-19—related expenses

COVID Cost Recovery

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, effective immediately, UCLA Leadership is requesting that we begin tracking all COVID-19—related expenses in order to better understand the quantum of this health crisis. This will also allow us to report costs to UCOP, the State, and to submit for Federal and other agency funding. 

Please retain documentation on the rationale for these costs, as this information may be required by our team at a later date.


Labor Expense Tracking


All COVID-related labor expenses will be tracked through a monthly labor report submission process. The processes for required data gathering vary by organization and will be the ultimate responsibility of the Organizational Financial Lead. The submission form and more details are below.

Non-Labor Expense Tracking


All COVID-related non-labor expenses will be tracked in the UCLA General Ledger (GL) through the “COVID” Project code. More details are below.