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UCLA Business & Finance Solutions provides e-learning courses in UC policies related to financial matters and financial systems used across campus. Faculty and Staff can enroll in an e-learning course by entering a valid, 9-digit University ID number. 


Course Course Description

UCLA Accounting

UCLA Accounting is designed for new and existing employees who have responsibility for initiating various accounting transactions and for reviewing and reconciling financial system ledgers. The course introduces the procedures for performing various accounting and bookkeeping functions, such as transferring funds, ordering and paying for goods and services, and reviewing and reconciling ledgers.

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BruinBuy Plus eLearning

BruinBuy Plus is UCLA's modern procurement platform that automates and integrates shopping, ordering, receiving, and invoice management to a single environment. Role-specific eLearnings are required for system access. 

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UC Travel & Entertainment Policy Training 

UC Travel and Entertainment Policies and Procedures is offered to departmental preparers, approvers and faculty/staff who travel or host events for official University business. 

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UC Travel Pre-Trip Authorization Training

UC Travel Center’s Pre-Trip Authorization (PTA) System is the only way to pay for direct-billed airfare for UCLA, UC Merced and UCOP business travel. This short e-learning course will cover step-by-step instructions on how to create a PTA for employees, non-employees or yourself.

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