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UCLA Accounting

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Course Overview

This course is designed for new and existing employees who have responsibility for initiating various accounting transactions and for reviewing and reconciling financial system ledgers. Supervisors who have recently assumed responsibilities requiring knowledge about the University’s accounting system are encouraged to attend. The class introduces the procedures for performing various accounting and bookkeeping functions, such as transferring funds, ordering and paying for goods and services, and reviewing and reconciling ledgers. Where possible, existing automated systems which can assist the department will be discussed and demonstrated. In addition, staff who wish to have a better understanding of the Full Accounting Unit will benefit from an in-depth discussion of this topic.

The course will cover:

  • Purpose and uses of the UCLA Full Accounting Unit
  • Basic structure of the Financial System and related systems
  • Overview of on-line (mainframe computer) systems which can be used to initiate transactions and inquire on the Financial System
  • Understanding and reconciling the general ledger
  • Fiscal closing responsibilities
  • Discussion of policies

Without exception, students must complete the outlined requirements and earn at least 90% in the course to be eligible for the Certificate of Completion.


In this course, we will:

  • Learn about the basics of Accounting.
  • Learn some of the common terms in Accounting.
  • Explore the accounting process from transaction recognition to the reporting of transactions.
  • Learn about Internal Controls at UCLA.
  • Review UCLA’s relationship to the Office of the President.
  • Discover the many layers of Fund Accounting at UCLA.
  • Study the structure of UCLA’s Full Accounting Unit and its role in recording transactions at UCLA.
  • Learn the structure of UCLA’s Chart of Accounts.


By the end of this course, successful students will:

  • Know what is meant by “The Language of Business” and will know ten of the principles of GAAP.
  • Be able to identify and apply the common terms of accounting.
  • Recognize transactions, how the University reports the transactions, and who are the users of the reports.
  • Be able to identify key internal controls and systems used at UCLA.
  • Be able to identify the number and location of campuses that make up the UC System-wide.
  • Be able to identify the various fund sources available to departments, including fund purposes and expenditure restrictions.
  • Recognize the Full Accounting Unit (FAU) in various financial documents.
  • Be able to identify the following accounts: Asset, Liability, Fund Balance, Revenue and Expense.
  • Recognize the 6-digit expense account structure as well as the expense function categories.

Course Resources

The following resources will be required to complete the course:

  • Online Financial System: The Online Financial System will be used in the discussion of the General Ledger, reconciliation, financial transactions, and financial reporting and analysis. It is recommended that students get access to the Online Financial System prior to taking the online course.


Participants will need to complete:

Module 1: Welcome to UCLA Accounting!

Introduction and Course Overview

Getting to know you (ungraded survey)

Module 2: The Basics of Accounting

Total for all components: 400 points

Module 3: UCLA Accounting

Total for all components: 300 points

Module 4: The General Ledger and Financial Applications

Total for all components: 100 points

Module 5: Feedback

Feedback (ungraded survey)

Module 6: Additional Resources

Additional Resources and Related Links (for your reference




800 points for all training components


Please note that all of the knowledge check "quizzes" have the option to re-submit for higher scores. Participants must complete the outlined deliverables and earn at least 90% in the course to be eligible for the Certificate of Completion.





90 % to 100%

No Pass

0 % to 89%