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Requests for UCLA's Taxpayer ID Numbers

UCLA often receives requests for taxpayer identification numbers (TINs) which are also known as employer identification numbers (EINs).

In general, requests for UCLA's taxpayer identification number are made by:

  • Payers in order for them to properly report information regarding miscellaneous payments made to the University (interest, dividends, rents, royalties, etc.).
  • Donors to enable them to claim tax deductions for gifts and donations made to the University.
  • Insurance providers for patient billing purposes.

If you receive a request for UCLA's federal or state taxpayer ID number, please refer to the following information.

Federal Taxpayer Identification Numbers

  • UCLA’s taxpayer identification numbers (TINs) are the employer identification numbers assigned by the Internal Revenue Service. UCLA's federal taxpayer ID number is 95-6006143.

A department may respond to a request for UCLA's federal TIN by providing either of the following documents:

  • Form W-9 — The IRS form used to respond to vendor requests for UCLA's taxpayer ID number. See Related Information for UCLA’s completed Form W-9.
  • 147C Letter — Official IRS confirmation of UCLA's taxpayer ID number with the Internal Revenue Service.

Other UCLA Taxpayer ID Numbers

Some departments at UCLA require a unique federal taxpayer ID number, such as those that provide medical services for patient billing or insurance purposes. Please consult UCLA Tax Services before using one of these unique taxpayer ID numbers for any other purpose.

To request a new TIN, or to make a name or address change, refer to the link under Related Information for UCLA’s employer identification numbers.

State Taxpayer Identification Numbers

Every employer, including the University of California, is assigned an Employer Account Number (EAN) by the state. UCLA's state taxpayer ID number is 935-0510-5.