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Customer Service:

For questions regarding your purchase, please contact the department/organization providing the goods and/or services.

Payment Processing Customer Service:

For payment processing customer service inquiries, please email
Please reference a Receipt or Transaction number if available.

UCLA Privacy and Data Protection:

Please review the policies and procedures of UCLA Privacy and Data Protection

Refund policy:

Unless otherwise stated by the hosted website, University of California reserves the right to maintain a zero refund policy.

Purchase Acknowledgement:

By clicking the “submit” button, you acknowledge that your credit card will be charged at the time of submission and accept the ecommerce terms and conditions.

Inactive Account Policy:

Cashiering Database users who have not logged into the Transact system for one year will have their access disabled. For help regaining access, please follow the instructions for How to Gain Cashiering Database Access.

Emarkets that are unused for two years will be disabled and taken offline. For more information on emarkets please review Cashiering Database Emarket Requests.