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Disbursement requests for Non-Employees are managed by Student Finance Solutions (SFS). Disbursements can be made in the form of gift cards/e-codes or BruinCard deposits. Please review the University and IRS regulations below, then expand the sections for instructions based on payment type.

-Requesting departments must comply with BUS-49 (Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalent Received), UCLA Policy 361 (Cash Handling and Security), UCLA Safe Requirements (if storing cash/gift cards), and UC Policy G-42 (Gifts Presented to Non-Employees on Behalf of the University).

-University of California Policy G-42 states that non-cash awards may not exceed $600, per individual, within a calendar year. It is the awarding department and non-employee’s responsibility to maintain a record of award amounts and their recipients to ensure the maximum is not exceeded. In the event a non-employee receives recognition exceeding these limits, it must be reported by the University via Form 1099. It will be the awarding department’s responsibility to request a Form 1099.

-For other disbursement types, please reference the Disbursement Request FAQ.
-Departments are responsible for Mitigating Risk of Fraud for cash and cash equivalents (gift cards and e-codes). SFS cannot assume any liability for reimbursing compromised cash, physical cards, or e-Codes, which should be immediately reported to UCPD. 


1. Use Gift Card Catalog to Select a Vendor

Please review the Gift Card Catalog to determine the gift card or e-code vendor. The catalog has information on each vendor type, including associated fees, available denominations, and processing times. Refund policies and instructions (if available) for each vendor type are also available on the catalog.

For physical gift card requests, please refer to the Cashiering Services and Supplies Guide for information about armored courier (Brink's) service and delivery fees.

2. Submit Corresponding Forms/Documents on Message Center

Please submit the corresponding Non-Employee Disbursement Request form and documents (if applicable) on the MyUCLA Message Center. Please complete the most recent version of the required form(s) entirely and accurately, or your request may be rejected and processing may be delayed.

Vendor Corresponding Form/Documents
All Gift Card/
E-Code Vendors

Non-Employee Disbursement Request

Tremendous In Addition
Tremendous Text Message Excel Template or
Tremendous Email Excel Template

For Tremendous Vendor Payments: You will be required to submit the Tremendous Text Message Excel Template or the Tremendous Email Excel Template along with your Non-Employee Disbursement Request Form if the e-code redemption links will be delivered through Text message or Email directly to the recipient. If the redemption links will be delivered through Links (a CSV file containing redemption links sent to the department), a template is not required. More information about Tremendous E-Codes can be found on the Gift Card Catalog.

3. Review of Request and Gift Card / E-Code Delivery

Once your Message Center request is reviewed and approved, an SFS representative will reach out to you to coordinate delivery. Delivery for gift cards / e-codes will only be released to the Authorized Personnel identified on the form.

Please refer to the Gift Card Catalog to review the processing time for each vendor.

Depending on the vendor and payment type, gift card or e-code delivery may take up to four (4) weeks. This estimated fulfillment time assumes all required forms have been accurately submitted to SFS. Timely fulfillment is dependent on the department's participation and accuracy in completing the required steps for the selected gift card type.

Resource Table

BruinCard Merchants Review list of available BruinCard Merchants prior to submitting your request
BruinCard Recharge Order Request Guide Step-by-step guide for submitting a Recharge Order Request
BruinCard Recharge Order Request (ROR) Portal

Portal for completing Recharge Order Request for BruinCard non-cash award

If you need access, please contact your Data Systems Administrator.


1. Submit a BruinCard Recharge Order Request (ROR)

BruinCard payments are loaded onto a BruinCard stored value account (Easy Pay) and can be used by the cardholder at BruinCard Merchant locations.

Departments may initiate a Recharge Order Request (ROR) to BruinCard via the portal. Please review the BruinCard Recharge Order Request Guide for step-by-step instructions on submitting an ROR. Please note: ROR Portal access is granted by the department's DSA. The ROR portal requires active department participation in reviewing/approving portal steps, please monitor the portal. 

Additional BruinCard Payment Information:

Denominations Any denomination
Processing Time Ten (10) business days*
Processing Fee $0.00
Refundable Once processed, BruinCard funds are not refundable to the department.
BruinCard stored value funds (Easy Pay) are available to cardholders as long as they are active members of the University. BruinCard funds cannot be redeemed for cash value.

2. Submit Recipient Information for Disbursement Request

For under five recipients, enter each recipient's information directly on the ROR portal.

For over five recipients, please provide an Excel list with the names, university identification numbers (UIDs), and payment amounts for each recipient to BruinCard on the MyUCLA Message Center once your ROR has reached "Awaiting Pricing" status. Please include the E-Doc number in the subject of your message.

Please ensure the submitted recipient UIDs are correct; the department will be held financially responsible for deposit corrections.

3. Allocate FAU on ROR Portal

BruinCard will review your request within three (3) business days. BruinCard will then quote the ROR and the ROR portal status will become Pending FAU Allocation. The department will then need to allocate an FAU to the ROR on the portal. Please monitor your ROR portal status so that you can allocate an FAU as soon as possible and payment processing is not delayed. BruinCard payments cannot be deposited until this step has been completed.

4. BruinCard Payment Processing

Once an FAU has been allocated, the ROR will enter the Awaiting Fulfillment portal status.

The BruinCard Center requires up to five (5) additional business days to process payments once an FAU has been allocated. This timeline assumes all information (including an accurate recipient list) has been received. You will receive a notice via the MyUCLA Message Center (if a case was submitted) and the ROR portal will be updated to Recently Completed.

Please Ask BruinCard for questions related to BruinCard payment processing.

BruinCard Payment Process Map/Timeline

While the estimated time frame for BruinCard payments to be completed is up to four (4) weeks, timely fulfillment is dependent on the department's participation and accuracy in completing the required steps.

Process Responsible Party Fulfillment Time
Initial ROR Submission Department ~One (1) Business Day
Message Center Case Review Department & BruinCard Center ~Three (3) Business Days
ROR FAU Allocation


~One (1) Business Day
BruinCard Payment Processing BruinCard Center ~Five (5) Business Days