Address Types Used by BAR

The Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAR) system uses one of three address types that reside in the Shared Components of the Student Information System.

  • The Student Address (SAD) screen displays three address types that can be used by the BAR system, and their use is dependent upon the account type (external indicator).
  • Multiple addresses for an account may exist on the SAD screen. The address types used by BAR are listed below in the order that BAR uses them:
    • Billing address is primarily used for non-students (if this field is blank, BAR uses mailing address).
    • Mailing address is primarily used for students (if this field is blank, BAR uses permanent address).
    • Permanent address is only used for students. If the mailing address has resulted in returned mail or is blank, this address will be used.
  • Accounts must have at least one address on the SAD screen; otherwise, paper invoices will not be produced. Additionally, the account will be flagged for inclusion in the next monthly write off, and if there is an unpaid balance over $24.99, the account will be forwarded to UCLA Student Loan Collections.

Student Accounts
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