Payment Solutions and Compliance Forms

This page is dedicated to hosting all PSC forms for individuals who are familiar with our processes and only need up to date information. Please submit all forms to their corresponding queues within the MyUCLA Message Center.



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Request to Update CASHNet Operator Access

To remove or update users who already have access to CASHNet.

Update/Remove CASHNet Access

CASHNet Refresher Course Registration Form

Register for this course if you require retraining or a refresher on CASHNet procedures.

CN Refresher

CASHNet Access Registration Form

Register for a CASHNet course if your Supervisor requires you to have CASHNet access.

CASHNet Access

CASHNet Item Code Template Template used to create an Item Code for frequently used FAUs in the CASHNet System. CASHNet Item Code
SmartPay Application Form Form to allow online payment credit card fees to be passed-through to customer. SmartPay Application

Brink's Services

Brink's New Location and Change Form

To request a new Brink's Service or to change your current Brink's Services.

Brink's Services



Unused Gift Card/Cash Form

Use this form to return funds. For more information, click here.

Unused Gift Card/Cash

Research Human Subject Payment

Complete this form to request Research payments. 

Research Human Subject

Employee Recognition Request

Instructions for submitting an employee recognition request can be found here. Requests are completed through the Employee Recognition Portal and MyUCLA Message Center.

Employee Recognition

New Merchant/Location

New Merchant Questionnaire

To request emarket sites and/or credit card terminals and to request a new location set up.

For more information, click here.

Emarket Request

Credit Card Terminal

New Location Set Up


Remote Deposit Request and Acknowledgement Form

Use this form when requesting Check Scanners for your office/location.

Check Scanner

Brink's Log Book or Brink's Deposit Bag

Please follow the instructions on the Cashiering Supplies Guide to request Brink's supplies.

Cashiering Supplies

Wire Advice

Advice of Incoming Wire Transfer

Use this form to give notice on a wire payment. For more information, click here

Wire Payment