Tax Services

Tax Services

April 23, 2014

Tax Services serves as an internal tax advisor to central processing and administrative units to minimize the University's overall tax liability and assure that the University is compliant with its institutional tax reporting and withholding obligations. Click the link in the left navigation to reach. Records Management, which handles public records request processing, subpoena processing and records management consulting services.

Payment &  BenefitsTax Exemptions
Employees & Independent Contractors
Educational Assistance
Noncash Awards
Recruiting Incentives
Communications & Utility Taxes
Transient Occupancy Tax
Property Tax Exemptions
Business License Exemptions
Sales & Use TaxesScholarships & Fellowships
Sales & Use Tax at UCLA
Common Sales Tax Exemptions (PDF)
Partial Sales and Use Tax Exemption for R&D Property
U.S. Citizens & Resident Aliens
U.S. Nonresidents
Forms & UCLA Tax IDsForeign Students & Workers
UCLA's Taxpayer IDs
Obtaining a UCLA Tax ID Number (EIN)
UCLA Tax Forms
Filing Requirements
Payments to Foreign Nationals
How to Apply for a Social Security Number
Getting an Individual Tax ID Number (ITIN)
Additional ResourcesOther Tax Matters
Tax Preparation Assistance
Training on University Tax Issues
UC Accounting Manual
UC Business & Finance Bulletins
UC Sales & Use Tax Manual
Unrelated Business Income Tax
Tax Withholding for California Nonresidents

Tax Services
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